Atrin Eshtad Company was established in 2009 with the aim of supplying and producing equipment and parts required in the “Bulk Material Handling” industry, including mining, cement, steel and petrochemicals. This company has always included the supply of up-to-date equipment in its work and research program, and by actively interacting and communicating with leading international companies, has taken an influential step in updating the common methods in conveyor belt repairs in the existing industries in the country. Education and research have been the most important priority of this company since its establishment. For this purpose, the personnel of this company have been enrolled on different courses in foreign companies, and have transferred the technical knowledge of those companies by holding training courses for their customers.

The company currently specializes in the import, supply and manufacture of equipment and solutions to eliminate problems and repairs of conveyor belts. Most of the company’s specialized work in various methods of conveyor belt splices and elimination of conveyor belt defects, as well as equipment needed to improve the performance and increase the efficiency of the conveyor belt.

Atrin Eshtad’s scope of work

  • Design and manufacture of hot vulcanization presses of conveyor belts.
  • Providing a variety of mechanical splices for conveyor belts.
  • Providing different types of HOSCH conveyor belt scrapers.
  • Providing all kinds of equipment required in the repair of conveyor belts
  • Providing resins for spot and repairs of conveyor belt.
  • Pulley lagging

Our Products:

  • Hot vulcanizing press for conveyor belts
  • Up to 5.6 tons conveyor belt pulling winches
  • Conveyor belt clamps in different sizes

We Distribute:

  • HOSCH, manufacturer of the best conveyor belt scrapers. (German Co.)
  • Elichem Resins UK (British Co.)
  • Flexco products (American Co.)
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Goals and prospects

Atrin Eshtad Company has put Sustainable Research and Development at the forefront of its business plans. Upgrading all stages related to the supply of goods, updating and awareness of the most modern and up-to-date methods used in the world, upgrading the quality level of products, research and development, upgrading the technical knowledge of personnel, continuous improvement in all stages of supply, production , delivery and after-sales service are considered as some of the most prominent goals of this company.

The goals and overall vision of the company:

  • Upgrading the technical knowledge of the personnel
  • Upgrading and equipping production devices and machines
  • Establishment and upgrade of research and development laboratory
  • Focus on introducing new products and updating the world new belt working methods
  • Development of after-sales service network
  • Increase customer satisfaction and accelerate appropriate and efficient after-sales service
  • Access to global markets by exporting and marketing in other Asian and European countries

Atrin Eshtad Co., a leader in creative solutions in troubleshooting conveyor belts and manufacturer of belt work equipment and tools

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